Mike conducts flatwork programs at various locations in the Midwest call or email for dates or to schedule a program for your finishers.  


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Super Air Meter

Mike provides workshops on the Super Air Meter. With the Super Air Meter total volume is thing of the past, you can know the air void structure in the field.

Call or email  for details and arrangements  for in-house demonstration

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Understanding yield & how order concrete

Mike works with customers to help understand how to properly figure the amount of concrete needed for the project. In workshops, we cover grading and screeding methods and how they have an impact on yield.

Mike regularly conducts tests on unit weight ASTM C 138 he also assists Engineers on batch plant inspections. We cover how to correctly order concrete at all ACI Flatwork certifications.

How we grade and screed will have the greatest effect on ordering the correct amount of concrete.

Mike Murray Concrete Solutions Services

Mike provides  daily reports for contractors, ready mix suppliers and those involved in concrete construction, providing a daily update tracing " rate of evaporation in concrete"

We also provide both hot and cold weather updates for both placement and protection of concrete structures

Mike carefully reviews each project and traces steps that may have contributed to issues.  This provides the knowledge to provide solutions that will last. Mike is a long time member of the International Concrete repair institute serving on committees 310 & 320 he provides solutions to extend the life/cycle of existing concrete . Mike also provides guides and specifications and plan reviews during the bidding process.


Concrete Evaluation

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Mike is a long time member of ACI 610 & he has been involved in field testing programs for over 20 years Our programs include classroom time for test questions and hands-on training for all phases of testing ready mix concrete in the field. Our students bring knowledge and quality control into the field 

  • Air tests ASTM C 231 & 173
  • Unit weight  ASTM C 138
  • Slump ASTM C 143
  • Molding test cylinders ASTM C 31/39
  • Beam molding ASTM C 78
  • Temperature of fresh concrete ASTM C 1064
  • Sampling from ready mix trucks and pavements ASTM C 172

Rate of evaporation =

  1. air temperature
  2. concrete temperature
  3. humidity  
  4. wind speed

This information is then calculated to assist in finishing operations in the field

Mike also stresses the need for pre-job meetings and checklists to help avoid conflicts and create the quality control in workmanship. 

  1. Written evaluations
  2. Pre-job conferences 
  3. Expert witness
  4. Cracking in concrete
  5. Special inspector services
  6. Surface defects
  7. Curing methods
  8. Mix design reviews
  9. Pre job meetings .
  10. Moisture testing of slabs
  11. Field testing of ready mixed concrete
  12. Floor Flatness and Levelness testing ASTM C 1155
  13. ACI Flatwork training programs
  14. Polished concrete guidelines

Mike brings over 57 years of experience in concrete construction to his customers. He has placed and finished 1000s of yards of concrete. He also has been the lead foreman on many projects and has taught ACI Flatwork programs for over 25 years in several states. Mike is an ACI Fellow and holds several certifications including Special Inspector Field Grade I technician and Lab and strength technician as well as ACI Commerical finisher and Flatwork finisher.  

Mike is a member of the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame and was voted one of the most 10 influential people in Decorative Concrete. In 2015 he was honored by Concrete Construction as the most influential person in concrete

While the owner of Murray Decorative Concrete Supply in Shawnee KS; Mike was and remains the only color supplier holding Flatwork. Field Grade I, Lab and Strength technician and Special Inspector Certifications. Mike brings a commitment to quality concrete construction and education in concrete construction.

Services offered 


Construction involvement

Mike is involved in many organizations and continues to devote time and effort in both local and national groups   such as


AMERICAN Concrete Institute  

American Society of Concrete Contractors

International Concrete Repair Institute

Arkansas Ready mix Association

Kansas Ready mix Association

Concrete Promotional group of KC

Concrete Promotional group of Ozarks

Kansas, Arkansas Nebraska, and Missouri ACI Chapters