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Mike and Donna will be at the Concrete Décor show Sept 28-Oct 2 supporting www.concretecares.com .

My trip to Mongolia teaching ACI Field Grade I testing and certification . Mongolia was full of adventures, we did 6 Batch Plant inspections passed 5. Cleaning the trucks and zeroing out the scales were some biggest issues. Of course lack water hurts as well. We found very few finishing tools most floors are screeded and shovels used to smooth the concrete.

Mike and Donna Murray support concrete cares and its effort using concrete to battle and win the fight against cancer We are also involved with concrete cares of Nebraska with Kyle Poff and Jereme Montgomery

Supporting cancer awareness is important to the Murrays we founded concrete cares to make a difference locally

ACI Certification is important to both Mike and Matt our good friend Jerry Woods recently won the ACI Certification award for his long time commitment to ACI flatwork  


Quicker set times are on the horizon , cool mornings rapid humidity loss and longer days with sunlight present problems for concrete placement. Mike Murray & Matt Eichman present in house programs for Hot weather placement and curing

  • What is Hot weather
  • What is Rate of Evaporation
  • How to properly cure
  • Reinforcement and Subgrades what part do they play in set time
  • How to avoid early moisture loss
  • Finishing air entrained concrete in Hot weather