ACI 308 Lacking of curing and early moisture loss will result n dryage shrinkage cracking & a weaken surface with poor abrasion resistance

ACI 304 Components  of Concrete

Measuring for floor flatness ASTM C 1155

ACI 301 Place reinforcement at proper

height mid-depth  for crack control

Concrete which is allowed to freeze will have permanent

damage and will crack and scale much easier. Concrete should achieve minimum PSI of 500 before exposed to freeze-thaw cycles

Cement hydration is chemical process which generates HEAT

What causes blisters on concrete slabs?? to much air poor consolidation

Hand floats are used on edges and to smooth

the surface & embed aggregates

Bullfloats are used after screeding to smooth the surface, keep flat to avoid "dips"

Screed surface to correct grades this prepares the  surface for other finishing operations

Provide Control joints for crack control allows for

straight line plane of weakness

Protect concrete from freezing concrete needs to

achieve 500 PSI before it can be exposed to freezing

Stamping Concrete guidelines

Use of riding power trowels for large smooth flat floors

Slump tests for concrete ASTM C 143

ACI 306 Reference Table for Concrete Temperatures

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