CEU Workshops

  1. Concrete materials
  2. Concrete Basics
  3. Hot & Cold weather placement
  4. Curing and Sealing
  5. Decorative Concrete
  6. How to place finish and joint concrete
  7. Understanding testing procedures and results
  8. Pervious Concrete placing and mixes
  9. Trouble-shooting concrete problems

Consulting on Decorative Concrete

Mike is available for Decorative concrete consulting for pre-job bids, mix design review, formwork & AIA programs for architects and workshops for ready mix suppliers on understanding curing and placement procedures for decorative installations.

Understanding water-cement ratios are key to ensuring color consistency, I will carefully review finishing and curing methods for decorative concrete applications.

Concrete Training Programs

Mike Murray brings several workshops to various locations. He offers in-house Concrete training programs on many aspects of concrete

  1. Concrete basics
  2. Concrete Materials
  3. Slab on ground design
  4. Durability in concrete mixes
  5. Finishing Jointing and curing your slab
  6. Hot & Cold weather protection
  7. Hands on training for Field Grade I testing
  8. ACI Flatwork review course for certification  
  9. Print Reading
  10. Demonstrations on Super Air meter
  11. How to provide durable concrete
  12. Curing and sealing of concrete

Use of Air entrainment in Concrete

We know and understand the proper use of air and understand the need for air to withstand freeze-thaw cycles. Mike has served for years with ACI 610 & worked with Kansas and Arkansas Certification committees. Mike has held the ACI field grade I testing technician certification for over 15 years. We know and understand how concrete needs to be finished and cured to withstand conditions it will be exposed to.

Having Field Grade I. Experience and use of the Super air meter allows us to provide customers information on both entrapped and entrained air.

Concrete work within the Community.

Four years ago Mike and his Wife Donna began a campaign to fight cancer on a local level using concrete as a permanent fixture in the local community to raise awareness for cancer. Visit our website


Curing of Concrete

Mike has served as voting member of ACI 308 curing for over 10 years. Mike has chaired and co-chaired sub committees for curing, he also spoken at numerous workshops and ACI conventions for curing. .Mike  has also co-authored the first guide of Decorative Concrete for ACI. He has done much of the work on curing and exposed aggregate chapters of this guide. ACI 310 is first guide for decorative applications published.

Testing for floor flatness & Levelness

Mike can provide testing for floors and has the experience in placement to understand floors and concrete. Mike can finish the slab and knows how properly test after placement. 

Lab and Strength evaluations

Mike Murray holds ACI Lab and Strength certifications as well as ACI Special inspector certification. This along with over 50 years field experience allows for perspective from both the Lab and real world placement requirements  of today's concrete  

One site third party evaluations

With years of field experience, requirements.Mike can provide opinions and guidelines for proper placement. His experience extends into proper subgrade and curing methods. Mike can able to offer sound advice to ensure the concrete is placed and cured to meet the specific requirements. 

Services and Crack Evaluation

Evaluations of cracks in concrete slabs. When should crack actually be considered a "defect" why did the crack appear?   What can be done to avoid cracks and where should joints be located? Joint depth & spacing are critical aspects to controlling location of cracks, We stress the proper subgrade work be done to provide a uniform bearing capacity


With over 55  years of experience in Flatwork, Field technical, and Ready mix operations Mike Murray offers services with background knowledge to back up his findings. I carefully review mix designs for contractors and ready-mix suppliers. With this, I can help assure that concrete finishers will be able to perform finishing operations. 

ACI Flatwork Training

Mike Murray has been involved with ACI certification for over 20 years, teaching workshops in several states. Mike has been voting member of ACI 640 for over 15 years "640 is flatwork certification committee"

We provide both in-house and scheduled workshops for flatwork. These sessions cover not only placement, but subgrade work, basic materials, what should a concrete finisher know and expect from concrete field tests and what the procedure's mean to the concrete contractor. Who is responsible for curing and jointing of the concrete, what are the three types of joints. What responsibility does a finisher HAVE?  

Mike travels to business and provides in-house training for QC/QA for the Flatwork finisher program of ACI

Scaling of concrete surfaces presents many issues

  • Curing ( lack of)
  • Air entrained concrete (lack of)
  •  Water-cement ratios ( too high)
  • Over finishing   ( steel trowels)

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Troubleshooting concrete problems

Hot & Cold Weather Concrete

I work with Contractors & Owners to provide quality proven methods for placement, curing and protection of concrete in both Hot and Cold weather applications.

Early moisture loss in Hot weather can lead serious issues, our experience in both curing and evaporation rates can help avoid loss of needed hydration water in hot weather. Cold weather means to keep the concrete from freezing at all costs.