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We work with contractors and owners to provide information for plastic shrinkage cracking. We provide detailed information on rate of evaporation and how and when to take precautions to avoid early moisture loss in fresh concrete pours. How to determine early moisture loss. Avoiding early moisture loss in concrete is critical early loss of hydration water may reduce surface PSI by up to one/half.  

Testing Ready Mix Concrete

We provide hands on workshops for ACI Field Grade I testing Certification , the review course provides workbook instruction and hands on step by step review of

ASTM C 172 Sampling

ASTM C 143 Slump

ASTM C 138 UNIT Weight and Density

ASTM C 31 Making and storing field cylinders

ASTM C 1064 Temperature of concrete

ASTM C 231 Air test with the pressure meter

ASTM C 173 Air test by volumetric method

We also provide demonstrations for the Super Air meter

We provide several Guidelines for concrete

  1. Curing of concrete
  2. Polished floors guidelines
  3. Acid staining of concrete floors
  4. Why cure
  5. Hot and Cold weather concrete
  6. Effects of de-icing chemicals on concrete
  7. Guide to exposed aggregate finishes
  8. Concrete terminology  
  9. Moisture issues in floors
  10. ASR Issues in residential concrete
  11. Guide to integrally colored concrete
  12. Basic limitations and exclusions for decorative surfaces
  13. Specifications for colored concrete
  14. Guide for exposed aggregate
  15. Curing Decorative Concrete
  16. Concrete & Cement terminology
  17. Decorative concrete surfaces.... limitations & exclusions
  18. Understanding F #s  
  19. Should your concrete be sealed

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Mike Murray & Luke Snell were both presenters at the Mongolian Concrete Conference June 5 2015


In Chemistry the PH scale measures how acidic or  alkaline concrete is. High on the PH scale is about 11 for concrete. This is important as lower PH levels will lower the concretes ability to withstand effects of chemicals such as de-icing salts. We understand and work with clients to solve this and early carbonation issues. When reviewing mix designs we carefully review admixtures and air content. Our knowledge of mixes can help achieve the needed durability requirements.

Mike receiving ACI fellow award in 2015 from President William Rushing .

ACI Flatwork Training

More projects and owners require training and certification for concrete finishers. ACI offers one of the best. Mike has been involved with ACI 640 Flatwork certification for over 15 years he himself has held the Flatwork finisher certification for over 20 years. Our review workshop covers all aspects for the examination

  1. Basic concrete technology
  2. Concrete materials & mix proportions
  3. Concrete control tests
  4. Proper use of finishing tools
  5. Placing , consolidation & finishing
  6. Edging , jointing , curing & protection

Training may be done in-house and additional fees will apply for ACI EXAM and test